Saturday, 30 January 2010

It Seems Like Forever...

It seems like forever since I started this layout. Well, in fact, it hasn't been forever, but it has been since the end of August, 2009. This is from a class that I attended during the Gunnedah Scrapbooking Retreat, taught by the wonderful Ngaire Bartlam. But I never got to finish it during the class, and it has been sitting on my desk ever since (gathering dust and dirt mind you), waiting for the finishing touches. Well, finally, it's DONE!!!!!

Here is the original Layout created by Ngaire Bartlam. I really enjoyed this class, and this is probably one of my favourite layouts that I have done with Ngaire so far. Now, on to the other 20 or so unfinished projects sitting here waiting to be finished. Next!!! (-:


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