Sunday, 17 January 2010

Pretty Little Party Girls...

It's hard to believe that there is 14 months difference between my girls, when the baby of the family (Keana) towers over her older sister (Malayla). But then again, Keana towers over all her friends, and every one in her class. *Sigh!!!* Just like her mummy. (-: At least I know she will be able to wear all my leather boots, leather pants, and leather jackets that I have kept over the years. Money well spent!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! I took this photo today at one of Keana's classmates parties (we went to one last weekend too!). Yes, it was sweltering hot today and both my girls insisted on wearing long, synthetic made, party dresses. They only lasted about 30 minutes before I went and got the change of clothes, out of the car, that I had the foresight to bring with me. Oh well, they looked pretty for a little while. (-:

Here's Missy Moo with her cheeky look. She is growing up into such a sweet little girl, right before my eyes. I can't believe she is turning 8 in less than 6 months. Too scary!!!
We went to dinner with some friends at Sizzlers last night. It was so nice to have adult company for a change. Usually, it's just me and the girls when Tony isn't home. But this time I had adults to talk too. It makes such a big difference. (-:
I don't have any layouts to share. I have one on my desk for Pencil Lines, but I can't share that for another 9 days or so. And guess what else happens in 9 days??? School resumes!!! Yay!!!! Not that I'm counting, or anything? Me? No, definitely not!!! (-:
We are going to the movies on Tuesday to see Alice In Wonderland. I am SO, SO, SO EXCITED!!! Yes, I am probably more excited than the girls. Sad, isn't it? But who doesn't love Johnny Depp??? Mmmm..... and when hubby returns, we will be off to see The Tooth Fairy. Yes, even I am a fan of "The Rock".
And on the home front, it looks like we might be moving to Perth in the next 12 months or so. Well, actually, that "might" is looking more, and more, definite. The girls and I will probably head over there in the June-July holidays to check it all out. Admittedly, I am not looking forward to packing, but the whole move thing is still exciting.
Right, I'm off to get creative. I have a Bo-Bunny sketch I want to complete before tomorrow, and the time is getting late...(-:

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  1. Hey how exciting for you Jules...moving to Perth. There are some fantastic scrappers over there! I'd move there tomorrow even though I haven't been! It's on my to-do list!


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