Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter!!!

Wow! It's been such a busy week. I'm looking forward to this week of school holidays so we can all recover. Monday morning I was informed that we had to make Easter bonnets for the Easter bonnet parade on Wednesday morning. So I spent Monday afternoon making these two "top hats" that the girls then decorated (thank goodness for cardstock!!!). In between cutting and pasting, we made about 70 chocolate truffles for the girls to take to school the next morning, to share amongst their classmates. I'm over cooking...seriously!!!

Tuesday afternoon was open day at the dance school. So I had to sit through an hour-and-a-half of lessons. On a hard seat. After doing top hats and truffles the day before, my "mommy duties" were getting the better of me...I'd had enough. So on Wednesday when they tried to rope me into staying for school assembly and the Easter hat parade, I claimed I had PT at the gym. Which was kind of true. I did have PT, but not until 10:30am. Oops!!! (-: And then on Thursday my mother arrived from down south to stay with me for a week or two. I'll let you know how that goes. My limit is 2 weeks. Anything over that and things might get ugly. Sigh!!! For some insane reason, my mother seems to bring out the worst in me. Friday we went to the Festival of the Sails (see post below). Saturday we did shopping, swimming, and a tonne of washing and housework.

Then we have today. Easter Sunday. Here's my two with their stash. How they go t their hands on it is a whole other story. Mum woke me up at 5:30am (she's an early riser) so that I could hide the eggs in the back yard. Did I mention that I didn't get to sleep that night until after 12:30am??? The things we do for our children. But at least they had fun hunting. We had hot crossed choc-chip buns for breakfast, went to church, and spent a nice, quiet day at home. My brother Matthew, and his wife Amanda, came over in the afternoon. So Matt played playstation with the girls for a while. The girls LOVED having someone else to play with. (-: Yep, it was a nice day, indeed.

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