Saturday, 27 February 2010

Sketch Layouts...And Lazy Mornings!

Here's this month's sketch from over at Crafty Sketches. This one was created by my dear friend, Jodi Dolbel.

And here's my interpretation of the sketch. Titled: Always Believe In Yourself. I had a big accident with this layout, so it hasn't turned out the way I wanted it to. You see that strip of polka-dot paper across the bottom? Well, originally, it was a green and blue plaid piece of paper that matched with the layout much better. But when I adhered it to the page, I adhered it upside down so that the back side of the paper was face up (and it was green). And that definitely didn't work. So I tried to remove it, but that just wasn't going to happen - it tore! And I only had one more then strip of that paper left but it had to be trimeed to the right size - and of course the paper slipped while I was trimming it, so it was all crooked. It was at this point that I was tearing my hair out. So, I just had to take a deep breathe and go with the second option - polka-dot paper. Blah! I don't like it nearly as much...never mind.

We are having a slow morning this morning. And Lego is the toy of choice for today. Along with the cartoons playing on tv. (-: I love cartoons - we are watching "Josie and The Pussycats", and my absolute favourite, "Scooby-Do!", is next. (-:

Malayla is about to loose another bottom tooth. She can't keep her hand out of her mouth and keeps wiggling her tooth every chance she gets. I expect she will have it out by tomorrow. (-:

I love this photo of Missy Moo. Don't you just love the bed-hair!!! She just looks so sweet. But I am biased, as a mother should be!!! (-: After lunch we are off to my dad's place. I'm going to leave the girls there for a couple of hours while I get my groceries - so much easier to do without the girls wanting to help me. Enjoy your weekend.

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