Friday, 26 February 2010

Hello Sunshine! and we are DONE!!!

Woo-hoo! It's finally finished. This is one of the mini books I started to make, in one of the classes I attended, with Jodi Holbrook from Making Memories (back in June 2009). The album has been created using the packaging from one of the Making Memories packages as the base.

I must have forgotten to photograph the first page (and I am too lazy to go back and do it now), so here is page two instead. (-:

And page 3. That's the last page as this was meant to be a small and portable mini book. I think this will make the perfect gift for my mother - her new brag book!!!

And finally, this is what the album looks like open and standing up. I still have one more of these to make, along with a notebook, and one more layout. Then I will finally be done with all the projects from the Making Memories classes. I'm fairly certain persistance is the key to getting all these completed!!! (-:

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