Monday, 8 February 2010

Not As Planned...

Sorry, I have no layouts and no pictures. Why? Because my weekend didn't go as planned, and I've been too busy playing with my new toys. My printer starting causing me problems with printing photos about 3-4 months ago. Yesterday, I finally got a new one. So now I've got hundreds of photos to print out (and then scrap, of course!!!). Plus my oven died about 2 weeks ago. And because I am married to an electrician, he knows lots of other electricians, who have brand new ovens sitting in their garages, looking for new homes. So we had a friend come around this morning and install a new oven for me. I can hear you asking why my husband didn't do it? Well, he is a commercial and industrial electrician, where as the oven is classed as domestic, which is a diffferent ball game altogether.

And I've managed to injure myself again. I've busted and bruised the fourth toe on my right foot. It's black and sore. I kicked my toe while taking off my jeans. But I must have kicked it harder than I realised because I can only just walk on it. On the upside, I took the family to the movies to take my mind off the pain. We went and saw "Tooth Fairy". I am so glad we did, becuase I needed a good laugh, and it was seriously funny stuff. (-: My girls were thrilled, and so was hubby. I think I might buy it on DVD when it comes out. I think it will make a good present for someone's birthday.

My hubby learnt a very hard lesson today. Never, ever, ever assume that you will beat a child at Nintendo Wii, just because you are an adult. Keana seriously whipped Tony's butt in every game she played with him - tennis, bowling, golf, and baseball. He didn't win one game. Yes, you read that right - he did not win one game. Now can you imagine me trying to scrap while this is going on? No, I didn't think so. I was laughing so hard I could barely breath. It was some of the best free entertainment I've had in a long time. (-: Yes, hubby's ego is battered and bruised, but I know that it will get the better off him, and he'll be a sucker for more punishment, and will come back for another shot at trying to beat Keana. My money is on Keana!!! (Hee! Hee! Hee!).

And I've got more free entertainment heading my way tomorrow. Hubby is going to buddy with my personal trainer (Justin) for his weights training tomorrow. So it's not a full-on 1 hour training session like I do, but it could still be a lot of fun to watch. Why? because I get to sit on the sidelines and stir the pot. Or should I say, "stir my hubby"? Or if I was to get really bored, I guess I could train with them. We'll see - it depends on how my toe feels by then.

Anyway, I'm off to print more photos. I've got so much scrapping to do and I cannot wait!

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  1. wow! you have been having a time. I'm glad to hear Tooth Fairy was funny. I want to take my son to it, and Dwayne Johnson ain't too bad to look at either.


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