Sunday, 21 February 2010

Quit While You're Ahead!!!

Yesterday was one of THOSE DAYS!!! You know the days. The days where you should quit while you are ahead, before you even get started. There was no scrapping yesterday. I tried, but I just couldn't get my head around it. What a waste of time...and we won't even mention the four hours I spent cleaning the girls toy room. Let's just say they won't be leaving it in that state EVER again! They've been warned that next time I will be giving away the toys to other children - and anyone who knows me, knows I follow through with my threats (and promises). Considering I was one of those children who kept my toy room clean and my Barbie dolls in pristine condition, I find it hard to deal with the wreckage that my girls produce. I'm not a happy mummy, to say the least!!!

But I did use those four hours of cleaning to my advantage - I got rid of any broken or damaged toys, and all the McDonalds junk toys. And all the make-up that people had purchased as gifts for my girls in the past. Hubby and I had a talk and decided we weren't comfortable with the whole make-up thing - so now it is gone. The only time they will be wearing make-u is when they are on stage performing at their dance concerts. I have only left a little bit of nail polish, and some lip glosses. That's it. No eye shadow - no rouge - no lipstick. I wonder how long it's going to take my little darlings to realise this? Ha! Ha! Ha! (Revenge is more mess on my carpets!!!)

It's raining today so I am taking the girls to the Hippo House (kids play centre) up at Morayfield. They asked on Friday if I could take them there this weekend. So I agreed - on one condition - we have to go via the local scrap store so I can get the new Sassafrass for myself. Hopefully this will help my mojo to return. (-: Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I'm out of here, and off to play...


  1. Sounds fabulous - I recently did the same and the kids never noticed!!

  2. I have done that too - and kids hardly noticed...Mc Donalds toys and transformer pieces were the main culprits of junk in my house


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