Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Lights! Camera! Action!

Look mum! One hand only! Look at me wave...aaarrggghhhh!!! Keana has always been a climber. The first time she climbed one of these 9 foot (or is it actually taller than that?) climbing nets was when she was about 18-24 months old. Things haven't changed at 5 1/2 years old. Thank goodness this was after she had finished shooting her commercial (see below...). And thank goodness her daddy wasn't around to see this. He would have flipped out totally (she's still his little baby). (-:

Keana spent yesterday (2nd March) shooting a commercial for Qld Transport up at Kings Beach, Caloundra. They gave her this beautiful bright pink tankini to wear while playing in the kids fountain for the shoot. Poor darling - she didn't realise just how boring (and cold) it was going to be. The kids (4 of them) had to run through the fountain over and over again. Nearly two hours later they were finally finished for what will be maybe 4 seconds of film on the commercial. Go figure! But it's all about experience, so in that regard, it was good. Keep an eye out for the commercial - I think it should hit the TV by the end of April.

And she's off to another audition next Monday, but I cannot give away the details yet (but it's big!). I will let you know if she is successful. Here's keeping my fingers crossed...

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