Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Birthday Dramas Anyone?

On Sunday morning, we had a financial crisis that cost us all our money for the weekly budget (no, I'm not going to go into all the details). But I can say it was well over $1000 that I had saved and budgeted, as I had to buy birthday presents for Keana's 9th birthday (yesterday), take the girls to the Adelaide Show, put fuel in the car, put food on the table, buy food for the pets, and post quite a few parcels to my customers. As you can imagine, I went into panic mode. How was I going to buy presents or take the girls to the show with no money? I did the only thing I could do - I spent Monday online selling as much of my scrapbook products and supplies as I possibly could. By Monday evening, I had enough money to do one of two things - buy presents for Keana, or take the girls to the show. But I couldn't do both. So I got creative!!! I decided to take both girls to the show (yesterday) as part of Keana's birthday present. Hubby rang the school and told them the girls would not be in for the day, then we packed them up, and headed for the Adelaide show.

This is what Keana woke up to on Tuesday morning - balloons hanging from the frame above her door (they were all neat and untangled prior to her waking up, lol!). I had to do something special to make up for the lack of presents. :-) But seeing her face and reaction when I told her we were taking her to the show made it all worthwhile. She was one very happy and excited little girl (especially since I had explained on Sunday that all our money was gone, and she knew she wasn't going to receive anything).

Our very first outing to the Adelaide Show, and oh boy, did we have fun (even if it was on a tight budget, lol!). We noticed quite a few differences between the Adelaide and Brisbane shows - Adelaide is much better laid out and organised. And cleaner. And better planned. And cheaper!!! Parking in Brisbane is about $25-$30 for the day - in Adelaide it just cost us $12. Yep, for the WHOLE day. I might be mistaken, but I think the family tickets in Adelaide are a little cheaper too.

Here's Fuzzy (birthday girl) and Moo getting ready to go on some rides. 

Yes, I'm converted - I LOVE Farmer's Union Iced Coffee. Very yummy!!!
It's huge down here - everyone drinks it - and you can buy it nearly everywhere.

The showbag hall - just as good as Brisbane's. :-) 
This too was given the thumbs up by our girls.

I managed to escape the husband and girls (gave them some money and said go do some rides) and check out a few things on my own (might have to do this every year!!!). I love Bonsai. So enchanting and beautiful.

And flowers - oh my goodness, they were so beautiful, in so many colours and types, and it all just made me very happy. I even managed to check out the artwork, photography, and cooking. And animals of course - had to check out the baby animals, the cats, and the rabbits, lol!

And here's my baby at the end of the day. We ended the day by watching the Bagpipe band, Dog Obedience trials, performance cars, Freestyle motocross, and fireworks. So, all in all, my little girl enjoyed her birthday, even though it wasn't quite what we had originally planned. But I think it may be one she will remember for quite a long time. I hope so. :-)

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  1. Oh I am sorry to hear about your dramas, but it looks and sounds like a great day was had by all!


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