Saturday, 26 May 2012

Into The Hills...

My husband wasn't too keen to do anything today because it was raining and cold. I told him "too bad"", and to get in the car. This was his last day at home before he flies out tomorrow, so I wanted to do something with the family. I decided it was time to explore the Adelaide Hills.
And guess what? We had the best time EVER!!!! What a great family day together. We started with Mt Lofty and a look at the beautiful views over Adelaide. My girls just loved the tower and climbing on its base.  (Please note: these photos have not yet been edited. They are straight from the camera). 

Camera shy much? No, I don't think so, lol!

We met "Roger". His owners had stopped for a cup of coffee and a bite to eat. Isn't he just amazing? And he knows lots of tricks too - he was so much fun to interact with. He does high fives, kisses, and lies on his back for a belly scratch. (His nickname is "The Chick Magnet"). 

My beautiful girls while we were waiting for our lunch at the German Hotel in Handorf. Oh yes, we went to Handorf. We found a bakery that makes AWESOME chocolate coated pretzels, and cherry streusal danish. I found some lovely soaps. We found yummy chocolates (way too many yummy chocolates!!!). There were lots of lovely things, but just not enough time to explore everything (we will definitely be returning soon!). 

Here's lunch. Oh my goodness, it was so, so yummy!!!! Being from a Polish background, I LOVE German and European food. And this was good. The cabbage and potatoes were delicious, and the schnitzel was fantastic. I walked away from that meal very happy. And we all voted for a return visit. :-)
So how are you spending your weekend? Hope you are having a great one!!!

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