Monday, 23 April 2012

This Place I Call Home...

I love my new home, and I haven't been shy to tell anyone. Honestly, moving to Adelaide has probably been the best decision I have made in a long time. I am happy here. Content. When I go outside and look around, I smile. I can't explain it any better, except to say, I am meant to be here. This is my new home, and I will not be leaving any time soon (unless hubby gets an offer to work in Canada - then all bets are off, lol!.    
Would you like to see my new surroundings? I took this photo last night, probably about 6:00pm. My girls went to a birthday party a couple of suburbs over, and I just fell in love with the colours and lighting as I looked down the road. Good thing I always keep my camera with me. :-) I will try and get some more photos of the changing colours of Autumn over the next couple of weeks. The leaves are beautiful vivid oranges and reds at the moment. Completely stunning. 
This is our street. I took this back in February. Yes, it is that beautiful and green. You can't see the top of the street in this photo (this is only about half-way), but the trees run all the way to the end. It's like driving through an amazing green archway when you enter the street. Totally awesome. By the way, down here, a lot of the streets are like this. :-) Adelaide is filled with tree-lined streets. Oh yes, and wide roads. 
The place we now call home. I fell in love with this house the moment I saw it. It has everything I need, plus a few extras. Lots of room for my scrapping, and for my girls. It's a gorgeous home in a lovely quiet street. We are about 5 minutes from the city, and about 5 minutes from the girl's school. Everything we need is close, and easy to access. Yes, this is the place I call home, and yes, I am proud to call it home. 

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  1. Jules i love this post, i could of wrote it myself. When we made the move from the UK to NZ we had never been here, yet the day we arrived i just knew i was going to LOVE it , i feel more at home here than where i lived for 30 years of my life. We too are surrounded by green, i overlook trees and a paddock yet only 5 minutes walk to town (15 minutes drive to city and beaches) Lucy goes to school 2 blocks over. We could not be happier, but with that said if Gary could get a job in the US we would move in a heart beat LOL


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