Friday, 27 April 2012

Hmmm...Jillibean Addict In The Making???

I'm on a roll with the Jillibean Soup. :-) And I know when to stick with a good thing, lol!
Here's the Jillbean Soup April Sketch. I'm one of those scrapper's who isn't fussed about how many photos I use on a page - it could be one, it could be ten. So when a nice little sketch like this comes along, with room for four photos, then I just have to make the most of it, and put it to good use. 
Here's my take on the sketch. Titled: Off On An Adventure. 
The Jillibean Soup Coconut Lime Soup range is my absolute favourite. It was a case of love at first sight, lol! Beautiful butterflies and spring colours - what more could I ask for? 
And limes? Who would have thought to use limes on a page? Absolutely love it! My other daughter actually got upset because she wanted me to use the limes on a layout about her. Too funny! Tears over limes. Who would have thought? (Guess I'll be doing another page, lol!)
Oh, and now I know why people sew their stickers on a page. It's so easy!!! Yes, you'll be seeing more of this on my layouts... Hope you are all set for a happy, scrappy weekend? I sure am! 


  1. Fantastic Jules! Totally love it!! This line is so YOU!!!

  2. LOVE THE LIMES!!! I kinda feel sad right now since I don't have any of this paper! Rocking layout! Love all the brights and happy face!

  3. Love these colours and the limes. Not to mention those flowers. How do you make those? I would love to know if you don't mind sharing your secret.


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