Friday, 13 August 2010

Just A Tad Worn Out...

It's been a big couple of days for my little girls. Yesterday, and today, was the school carnival, with swimming lessons thrown in last night, just to wear them out a little bit more. Tee-hee!!!
Yesterday was the field events - shot put, discus, ball games etc. Today was the track events - sprints, hurdles, relays etc. Because we are in Primary school, not all the events are "serious" events. How can you consider "foam rocket throwing" a serious event? (-:

We have the "non-serious" sack race.
Don't you just love the shot of Keana's hair? Too funny!!!

Hurdles - my darling girl came in second for this - I was so proud of her because she tried so hard!!! Especially since they had the hurdles way too high and didn't put them down until several races later.

Sprints - Keana had troubles with her shoes but managed to make it into the semi-finals. I think her shoes were too loose and annoying her as she ran.

And my sweet Malayla, ran her little heart out, and managed to make it into the semi-finals too. All in all, they both had a great couple of days. Which house colour won over all? No idea - they are keeping us in suspense until Monday. But at last count, the girls' house team (GOLD) was in second place, trailing by about 7 points.

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