Thursday, 5 August 2010

Free Entertainment?

I almost wet myself today. Seriously! I was laughing so hard at my DH that I couldn't breath and just about peed myself. You see, my hubby had to put a trampoline together by himself. And he's never had to do one before. Let's just say, it didn't go as planned.

I made the mistake of standing at the window to watch. Here's DH trying to join the metal base pieces together. No sooner than he would join one connection, another connection around the other side of the trampoline would come apart, and it would fall over. He would go around to that side, join it back together, and another join on the other side would come apart. He was getting so frustrated. Meanwhile, I was just about peeing myself. It was SO FUNNY! After several minutes of trying to compose myself, I went outside to help him. Yes, we did get the base joined together, but I couldn't look at him without cracking up.

But it gets better. Yes, it does!!! After joining the base, I left him to his own devices. He was attempting to put the mat and springs on. My parting words were "are you sure you have the mat the right way up?" He told me to mind my own business and go away. So I did. A little while later I heard the cursing. Yes, you guessed it - the mat was on upside down. He had to take all the springs off, turn it over, and re-attach all the springs again. Um...I told you so!!! (-: ROFL!!! Seriously, this was some of the best free entertainment I have had in quite a while. But I have my suspicions darling husband is in no rush to repeat this performance (*snort* *snort*).

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  1. Poor Tony, he does have some funny moments doesn't he!!! lol I can just imagine!!!
    My hubby and dughter argued about the mat in the horse float. Emelia told him it was upside down!! But father knows best. After cut it all to shapre, screwed it all down, put that black stuff around to seal all the edges, i went out to look and told him he put it all on upside down! I was so angry!! I paid friggin $600 for that matting out of my hard earned cash!!! He still hasn't fixed it!


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