Monday, 30 August 2010

Good Or Bad?

I don't know whether to class today as a good day or a bad day. On the bad side, Keana was home sick all day (and vomited all over the loungeroom carpet - joy, oh joy!!!). And my electric toothbrush died. Dead. Zip. Zilch. Nadda!!! It's gone to toothbrush heaven. )-:

On the good side, I found out this little lovely is coming to join my other Blythe doll. (-: Isn't she pretty. Now I have one for each of the girls (so there will be no fighting over them!!!). But I still have to give them names. I haven't found anything I like yet.
And also on the good side, this morning I submitted several layouts to Scrapbooking Memories, and three of them have been picked up for publication.
So what do I class today as? Good or bad?
Maybe I should just call it a typical day in my life...ha! ha! ha!

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  1. Oh No, your not a blyth doll person are you???? lol......... I think you are either blyth or not a blyth.. i can appreciate their cuteness and collection value, but im not really a blyth doll kinda girl!! but yours are totally cute!! your lucky girls!!


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