Sunday, 8 August 2010

12 Hours...

12 hours is how long we spent at the EKKA yesterday (for my overseas reader's, that's our annual local show/carnival). And I can honestly say we are STUFFED and EXHAUSTED today. Here's some of what we did: we saw all the display animals (cats, horsed, dogs, birds and poultry), including chickens that had been coloured pink, purple, blue and green. The ducks were huge, the geese were even bigger, and the turkeys were gi-normous!!!
And my girls loved every second of it.
The girls got to try out at being mini Master chefs and made pizzas.

Of course, we went on rides, including the super slide and the ghost train.

They each got to milk a cow.

Pat a llama.

Cuddle some baby chicks.

Try lots of food - ice-cream, fairyfloss, crab ravioli, strawberries, tomoatoes, chips, cheese and many others.

Pretend they were scientists at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research.
Watch a fashion parade.
Pat a whole menagerie of baby animals.
Learn how honey was harvested.
See some fossilized rocks and minerals.
Watch the Toyota Hi-Lux Driving Team.
Watch a monster truck jumping over old cars.
Watch the Yamaha Freestyle Motocross team in action
Go to the showbag pavillion.
And finish with the fireworks.
Yes, it was a long day, but we all had lots and lots of fun.
And to think, we probably only got to see about 1/4 of what the show has to offer.
You really need 3-4 days to see everything. Scary thought isn't it? (-:


  1. I sooooo want one of those pink chooks!! Looks like the girls really enjoyrd themselves...and you !!

  2. Glad you and the girls enjoyed our QIMR Ekka stand - love to have them as our future scientists!

    Education Coordinator QIMR


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