Sunday, 27 December 2009

Three Strikes And Your Out!!!

It's so not like me to admit defeat. But at the same point, it's also not like me to keep banging my head against a brick wall. And in this case, Murphy's Law wins!!! I am sitting here typing this post on my husbands laptop because mine is not co-operating. I should have known better than to bring my computer with me on holidays. I should have known that what I wanted to do, and what actually happens, would not be the same thing. I was so excited because I thought I was finally going to get some time to dabble in digital scrapping. Ha! Ha! As if!!! Firstly, I forgot to bring my camera cord to download my photos onto my laptop. So hubby and I came up with a plan to bluetooth some photos across to my laptop, from his. Nice try!!! But that doesn't work when his uses bluetooth and mine uses infrared. Secondly, I injured my back a couple of days before Chrsitmas, and it is getting worse, not better, so I can't even sit for a long enough period to try digi-scrapping. In fact, I've just sent hubby and daughters to the chemist to purchase some Voltaren and a heat pack. Hopefully, this will ease the pain. Thirdly, my virus protection on my computer is telling me it's expired. Three strikes and your out!!! (-:

On a brighter note, hubby gave me book one and two of "The Vampire Diaries" for Christmas. I read them both yesterday. Took me about 7 hours (much to his dismay). So I have asked him (very nicely) if he can stop at a bookstore on his way back from the chemist and purchase me books 3 and 4. (-: I have to have something to read while my back is too sore for me to do anything else (that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it!!!).

Our daughters are having a blast. They have been swimming everyday, watched a movie at the cinema (on site at the resort), had pizza for dinner at the resort restaurant, and made lots of friends. They also love having access to Nickelodean (did I spell that right?), and Animal Planet channels. In beween, playing their new Nintendo DS games that Santa dropped off for Christmas. So, all in all, we are having a wonderful, laid back time. Tomorrow, we hope to take the girls to the beach and do some shopping (if my back improves).

Since I can't download any photos, I will have to share those with you once we get back home (at the end of the month). I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season with your families and friends. Have fun and keep smiling!!! (-:

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