Friday, 4 December 2009

One Proud Mama...

Well, school is finally over for another year. It's kind of sad because next year, my baby will no longer be a Preppie. She will be a big girl in year one. I love the Preppie's classes because they are so much fun, and the children are so innocent and inquisitive, and of course, very, very funny. I will miss that. But this is how my baby finished her year as a Prep student - she was chosen from her whole class to read the statement (below) at the end of year assembly. And as a very proud mama, I would like to point out that she actually did read it, by herself, without help, and without her teacher (Mrs McGraw) having to prompt her at all. See, the funny thing about Keana, is that once she saw her older sister reading, she decided she wanted to read as well. So she actually went and taught herself. She just made up her mind, and started to read, without me teaching her, like I had to teach her sister. So you can imagine the shock I got when she started reading her sister's books without any help. She's one very clever cookie, this one!!!

This is what Keana read at the assembly. And I am so proud of her for not faultering, stuttering, or even mumbling. She was perfect. In fact, she was just as good as some of the students in the older grades, if not better. I can't wait till she starts reading Harry Potter and Twilight with me. Now that will be fun!!! (-:

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