Monday, 21 December 2009


My DH finally got home on Saturday afternoon (he has been away for nearly 6 weeks). And this is what I get greeted with!!! Our friend Deanne came over for dinner with her little ones, including Chrsitian who is about 12 weeks (I think???). Anyway, here's my hubby in full clucky mode - he fed him, burped him, and rocked him to sleep, and definitely didn't want to hand him back to Deanne at any point. Seriously, Deanne almost had to beg to get him back. How much did this freak me out? Let's not even go there, because I start to hyperventilate every time I think about it. Or every time my husband looks at me with "THAT LOOK"!!! Aaarrgghhhhhh!!!!! I want to run in the opposite direction.

OMG!!! How content does he look? Dear readers, don't even think about it, or wish for it, and definitely don't pray for it, because it is NOT going to happen. I am done with reproducing!!! Now, I'm off to find something else to distract my husband with, other than babies...

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  1. Awww you meany!! Give him a baby!!! lol!!!Id love a baby too!!!!! But i am happy to wait until one of the kids bring one home in a few or many years!!! lol


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