Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Prima December BAP layout...and funny stuff!

Here it is (finally!!!). I've finished my Prima December BAP after having it sit on my desk for nearly 4 days. I've been so busy with the "Silly Season" I haven't had time to scrap. Plus my mojo seems to think it's time to go on holidays. That definitely doesn't help. There's lots of layering and textures in this one. Titled: Once Upon A Time.

A funny thing happened to my husband this afternoon. Because we are going away for 8 days over the holidays, my pot plants needed to be dropped off at my dad's place for watering. So hubby piled the pot plants, and my two daughters (aged 6 and 7) into the car, and departed. He got less than 30 seconds up the road, when all hell broke loose. A stick insect that had been on one of my plants, decided that my daughters pillow was a much better option. Keana didn't feel the same way. She absolutely lost the plot and started screaming. Then of course she realised she was actually LOCKED in the car with the stick insect, so arms and legs began to flail everywhere, as the screaming pitch increased. Hubby nearly lost control of the car and had an accident. While trying to pull over, he nearly ran over some guy blowing leaves off the middle of the road, with a leaf blower. (What was he doing in the middle of the road anyway? Weird!!!). But he managed to save the day by flicking the stick insect out the door. Fortunately, the rest of the drive to my dad's place was uneventful. (-: So the moral of the story - don't lock stick insects and daughters in a car together, because they definitely don't mix!!!


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