Friday, 24 June 2011

Not In My Wildest Dreams...

I'm an animal lover. Always have been. Always will be. But never, ever in my wildest dreams, did I think I would get the opportunity to feed three lions, and pat a tiger. Seriously. I did. On our trip to the Adelaide Zoo yesterday, Annette and I paid for the glorious privilege of feeding the lions. OMFG!!!!! We took turn feeding the two lioness' first (will put up photos for that tomorrow - still have to scan them). The girls are huge. They growl and hiss. And I was in absolute awe. And then we literally, went into the lions den. Steve (the zoo keeper) locked the lion in a small cage beside the den, then Annette and I lugged this huge piece of meat around the lions den, wiping the scent of the meat everywhere, before Steve was kind enough to place it up in the tree branch for us (it was too heavy for me, lol!). Here, you can see the lion finding his meal and pulling it out of the tree. You can see the crown standing around the fence watching. Yes, we were out the back, watching from behind the barred door that leads into the den.

This is the lion less then 1 metre away from me. He jumped up on the barred door to let us know he wanted more food. Look at the size of him, and those paws were huge!!!!!

And then we got lucky with an added bonus. The tiger came up to the fence for a pat, and a scratch. I was nearly delirious with excitement. I actually got to pat a tiger. Holy crap!!!!! I cannot even begin to explain how all this felt. It was (besides the birth of my two girls), the most awesome, amazing, overwhelming thing I have ever done. Ummm, did I mention I am taking the family back to Adelaide at Christmas time so we can all do it together? Yes. Seriously. We are going to spend Christmas with the wild animlas, lol!

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