Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Adelaide From My Camera...

I love Adelaide. I cannot deny it, and I cannot fight it. I want to move here - NOW!!!!! The shopping is out of this world (wait till I show you the shoes, handbag, and jewellery that I have purchased). It's clean. The people are friendly. And it is so easy to navigate around the city and suburbs. Here's a shot of King William Street. This is one of the main streets, and leads down to Rundle Mall and the Torrens River.
A lolly shop that we found in a side street of Rundle Mall. Isn't it amazing! Plus there was a really cheap and amazing bookstore directly opposite. (-: Annette went to the lolly store, I went to the bookstore, lol!
Piggy in the Mall. There are three of these statues, all different, and all gorgeous.
We found the black swans down near the Torrens River. They were very friendly (which we did not expect), and very vocal. They make the most amazing noises.
And here are the Kangaroo Paw wild flowers coming into bloom...glorious!!! Today we wandered down to Glenelg (more photos to come), and tomorrow we are going to the zoo. Friday we fly back home. I'm going to miss this place.


  1. So glad you are enjoying Adelaide. I love living here! Sounds like you have had a great time.

  2. Thanks so much for your lovely write up of my beautiful city Adelaide! Its truly the best place for living I reckon [in my humble opinion]. We love to visit other cities to holiday but here is where I'll raise all my children and probably stay for the rest of my life. And there's so much more to it! Sorry I didn't catch you this time Jules but maybe you'll be coming again soon?
    Take care.
    Kate M xoxo


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