Monday, 20 September 2010

Wet? No Problem!!!

It is the start of the school holidays, and one child (Malayla) is already sick (she has a nasty cold). We can't go anywhere until Malayla is better. Plus it's been raining and drizzling in Brisbane for the past two days. And it is supposed to continue for another 3-4 days. So Keana is stuck inside because of the rain. Or so I thought!

Here she is, in the rain, on the trampoline.
Bouncing, twirling, and flipping...
A little bit of water never hurt no-one. (-:
I remember doing this sort of thing when I was a child, and I loved it.
So I decided to allow her the same pleasure and experience.
(Plus I knew I would get some good photos for scrapping - yes, I'm a bad mummy!!!)
She even does hand-stands and cartwheels in the rain...(-:
Don't worry, I made sure she hopped into a warm shower and warm clothes
as soon as she came inside.
The girls went to a friend's birthday party on Saturday (just before Malayla got sick). And they both got to wear new dresses. Don't they look so pretty! Well, Keana had managed to tear a huge rip in her dress in less than an hour. So I had to go get her another change of clothes.
Guess I will be sending the dress (and a torn school jacket)
to Nanna for repairs. Sigh...she is such a tomboy at times.

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