Saturday, 4 September 2010

Miracles Can Happen!

I'm a slow scrapper. Always have been, always will be. Most layouts take me 3-5 hours on average. Sometimes longer if it complicated with techniques, or I keep getting interrupted by DH, children and life. But occasionally, miracles do happen, and I will complete a layout in 1-2 hours. This is one of those layouts. Titled: Missed. I created this layout using the Noel Mignon Office Party kit (sold out). I was in a creative rut and just staring at the papers. I thought to myself, "this is ridiculous - do something!!!". So I forced myself to just pick up a piece of paper and tear it - without over-analysing it - and place it on the base. Then I picked up another piece and did the same again. Then I added some scraps from previous layouts, and built this layout up from there. And guess what? It just came together quickly and easily. So next time you are stuck, just give it a try. Pick up any piece of paper (or scrap paper) and just tear it, then work from there. It's easier than it looks. As they say, "sometimes the first step is the hardest!!!".


  1. hey Jules...heres a local HD that has that GHD's the texture crew 23034003 at midway shops Redcliffe. they have pink, white, red, blue & purple. xx

  2. love your torn papers Jules LOL !!!!!
    fantastic LO love X:) annette


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