Friday, 11 June 2010


I should be scrapping. I have layouts to create. But I don't feel like it. Instead, I am procrastinating. I did print some photos out - does that count as scrapping??? (-: And I'm trying to ignore the strong urge I have to go and watch the second season of True Blood which I just purchased on DVD. So instead, I shall share some photos and stories with you. I took these photos nearly two weeks ago. We have a lake down the road which is home to many ducks, a few turtles, and a big eel. So I decided it was time to introduce ourselves to the ducks and feed them dinner. Lets just say it was a HUGE hit with my girls, and I think it will become a regular thing. It doesn't help that I have a weakness for ducks - I LOVE them. They are so darn cute, and actually have the most amazing personalities (I use to have ducks for pets as a teenager).

Anyway, these two ended up so well fed that they couldn't eat all the bread, and waddled off, leaving the bread on the ground for the other smaller ducks that were around. Talk about spoilt!!! Earlier this week, I drove past a driveway of one of the houses down near the lake, and what did I spy sleeping in the driveway? Four very happy, and content ducks. (-: Bet the owners weren't expecting that when they got home, lol!

Here's part of the lower lake area. It's on the corner near a round-about. Isn't it pretty? There's always wildlife and water lillies to be found.

Do you remember the retreat that I mentioned I was going on last weekend? Well, we had an amazing time - we did a LOT of laughing, and shared a lot of stories. But I had another blonde moment - I got up there, unpacked and sat down to scrap, only to realise I'd left all my photos at home on the table. I won't repeat the words that came out of my mouth as they weren't very nice. So I got back in the car, drove all the way home, and all the way back up to Caloundra again. Two hours later, I finally got to start scrapping. Are you laughing at me? Go ahead - everyone else did!!!

We're off to the Gold Coast tomorrow. Keana has an audition for Sanyo. They want her for a commercial that they are filming for Japanese television. Filming will commence next Friday. And maybe Saturday. There go all my plans (again!). That's the only problem with the modelling world - you usually only get 1-2 days notice for auditions and shoots. I've learnt to go with the flow (well, most of the time). (-: We were supposed to catch up with friends tomorrow, so we've put that on hold for Sunday instead.

Right. I'm off to find something to do. If I get motivated to create, then I will share some layouts with you tomorrow. If not, you will have to wait a few more days till my mojo comes back, lol!!!
Have a lovely weekend...

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