Thursday, 24 June 2010

Hello Disney!!!

I took my girls to see Disney On Ice over the weekend. Last year we saw Disney Princesses On Ice, which my girls fell in love with. And they have been asking ever since, if they could go again this year. So I purchased tickets as a surprise for them. Here they are all dressed up and glam!!! Can someone please tell Keana to stop growing! At six years old, she's supposed to be the baby of the family. (-: She took after her mummy (I'm 185cms tall).

She got mad at me, so she gave me "the look". I tried to snatch "Stitch" from her, and that was just unacceptable. Yes, I got suckered into purchasing something for them. But at least I stopped at just one item each (it was SO EXPENSIVE!!!).

Here's Stitch in Keana's protective hold. (Snicker!!!) (-:

Malayla settled for Minnie Mouse.
A fun outing was had by all.
And they are already counting down to next year.
Sigh! Guess I'd better start saving again. (-:

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