Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The Death Of A Spider...

Let's start with the layout. I did this one just for me (while I was at the Scrap With V retreat) last weekend. Titled: To The Top. I created this using a couple of Noel Mignon kits - Playdate and Lemonade Stand (sold out). I wanted it to be a little bit grungy to reflect the rock climbing theme. Seriously, this little girl is a monkey and has absolutely no fear of heights and climbing. When she was about 18-24 months old she decided to climb to the top of a 7 foot netted climbing structure (like they have in the army) while at a park with her grandfather. She then proceeded to hold on to the top point with one hand, while waving to her grandad with the other. Needless to say, my dad nearly had a heart attack. (-:

Now, I can hear you saying, what does the death of a spider have to do with anything? Well, let me share this little story. Last night, Keana and I were in the bedroom reading a book just before bed. Malayla was in the toyroom next door, cleaning up. And then I heard this yelling from Malayla - "spider! spider! spider!". Keana and I just looked at each other, smirked, and shrugged our shoulders. I yelled back to Malayla, "Don't worry, he won't eat very much!". Big mistake!!! (-: All I could hear after that was "whack!whack!whack!whack!whack!" as she chased the spider around the room until she had killed it. While all this is going on, I'm trying not to crack up laughing because I knew she would get mad at me. Anyway, after she had finished murdering the spider, she came into the bedroom. I asked her, "How big was the spider?". Malayla spread her thumb and forefinger apart as far as they could go, and said "this big!". I said "Really? This big?" as I slowly squeezed her two fingers together until they were about 1cm apart. She looked at her fingers, spread them apart again, and nearly in tears, said "No mummy! He was REALLY this big!!!". My brave little, big girl. The spider murderer!!! (-: LOL!!! I guess you kind of had to be there - but honestly, it was so funny to see her reaction to the spider.

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