Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Blonde and Blonder!!!

Let me start this post with a layout to share (then I'll get onto the funny story!). This is my second project for Zva Creative. Titled: Sunshine (I was inspired by the song that they sing on the movie "Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs"). As you can see, lots of Zva Creative goodies, thrown in with some Sassafrass and The Girl's Paperie stamps. I wanted the background to look like bubbles and fizzy drinks, but I'm not sure if I achieved that? Anyway, I had a lot of fun with this - especially the colours - so different from what I usually use. (-:

As some of you might know, I am going away on another retreat this weekend. And this is where my "blondeness" comes into play (yes, I am actually a natural blonde under this red hair!!!). I have been making plans for this retreat for quite some time (we are going to Caloundra - on the beach). I have started packing my bags, and I have organised for my daughters to have sleep over's with some friends. So I am all organised and ready. Or am I? I woke up this morning in a panic because I have two cats (Pandora and Othello) that I had TOTALLY FORGOTTEN ABOUT!!! Holy crap! How are they meant to feed themselves while I'm away? Who is going to look after them? What am I going to do??? I am so used to having my mother stay here (but not this time) while I am on retreats, that I totally forgot I have two cats that need to be cared for as well. Yes, I am blonde! Very, very blonde!!! So an emergency call to the cattery has ensured that they will be well looked after for the weekend (they got the last two vacancies). Sigh. Thank-goodness. Can you imagine me having to explain to the other women why I couldn't go to the retreat? - "sorry, I forgot that I have cats that need to be fed!". Right. Sure!!! I would NEVER hear the end of it. (-:


  1. This is just gorgeous, I love everything and the journalling is just sensational around the outside.

  2. adore this! perfect embellies and love the bling!

  3. jules...you never cease to impress me...bow to the princess....you are amazing...have fun this weekend at Scrap with V...insert sad face x Melissa


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