Saturday, 26 June 2010

All In A Day's Exploration...

We made a quick trip to the dentist today to have Keana's back tooth coated (this is done for added protection). Our dentist was kind enough to give both my girls a glove, and tell them that they had to blow it up. (-: So the moment we stepped out of the office, this is what I got. Puff, puff, concentration...I think I can, I think I can!!! At least it kept them amused for a little while.

The girls asked if we could stop at a park on the way home. So I took them somewhere new (and not too far out of the way). I've known about the Raven Street Park at Mitchelton for about 6 years, maybe more, but today is the first day we have ever gotten there (I have tried in the past but things always went wrong!!!). It is actually a huge reserve of bushland with walking and bike tracks, and a bushland learning centre.

So we decided to explore the walkways. We found beautiful green moss growing on so many things. And we actually saw a wallaby (but he bounded away before I could get a photo). And there was lots of orange funghi that could be seen on dead logs in the hollows, but they were too far away for me to photograph. The girls had a fantastic time exploring and asking questions.

We found this beautiful pale yellow wattle (at least I think it's wattle - it could be bottlebrush or something else). And lots of spiders - big, big spiders. And a hairy caterpillar on a thread hanging from a tree. It was amazing how a simple walk through this bushland could produce so much intrigue for my two girls. And to think, this is only 20-25 minutes from the heart of the city.

Here's one of the big gullies that we saw. This one had a little stagnant water, but most of them where empty and dry. It was actually quite sad to see an area that was supposed to be "wetlands" all dry and uninhabitated. The drought is still evident in many ways. Anyway, my girls absolutely loved this, and I am sure we will return (maybe with our bikes?). So, that's it for todays exploration and science lesson!!! (-:

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