Thursday, 20 May 2010

Happy Birthday Honey!!!

Guess who turns 44 today?
Happy Birthday Antonio!!! With all my love and kisses.
What's changed since we first met? He's a father, he's much greyer, and he now wears glasses. What's the same? His patience with me and his love of food (some things never change - thank-goodness!!!)
And in honour of this, I thought I would pull out some really old layouts to share with you. (-:
Titled: If You Could Change 3 Things.

Titled: Tony

Titled: Why? (Yes, I know I'm a meanie at times!!! LOL!!!).

Titled: Man At Work.
Here's to many more wonderful birthdays, honey!!!


  1. Happy bithday! Wish you all the best! :))

  2. Wow!! This is lovely!
    Have really enjoyed looking back at these layouts.
    I remember that 3 things challenge!!!
    Love them
    Happy birthday Tony!!!


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