Saturday, 1 May 2010

Can You Spot The Changes?

My two girls decided today was the day for a complete image overhaul.Can you spot the changes they have made? Malayla was a brave little girl and got her ears pierced (at long last - we have been trying to convince her for years!). And she got her hair cut (really short compared to what it used to be). I'm ok with the earrings, but I'm still trying to come to terms with the hair cut. I have to keep reminding myself it will grow back. But I do have to admit, she looks really cute (yes, I know I'm biased)...but as her mother I'm allowed to be. (-:

It may not look like it because of all the curls, but Keana also had all her hair cut off too. Probably 4 -5 inches, all gone. Makes me sad. )-:

After all the hair and earrings excitement, and shopping for 4 hours, I let them relax at the park for a while. I can't believe how different they both look with their new hairstyles.

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