Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Sports Day Carnival fun...

OK. I'm officially exhausted. Since Thursday I have driven 1500km (including 750km on Sunday afternoon/evening), attended a 3 day scrap retreat, unpacked all my scrapbooking supplies from the retreat (and anyone who knows me knows that I have a LOT of supplies), done a Personal Training session, and attended a sports day carnival in 30 plus degrees heat. Enough is enough! I refuse to go ANYWHERE for the next three days. Please, please, please let that be possible? Here's some photos from my daughter's first ever sports carnival that I attended today. This photo is of Keana running her sprint race. She came in second for her heat. It was such a long, hot day, and all the children did really well to last that long and keep it together. Although Keana did loose the plot this afternoon several times. I didn't even attempt to take them to Ballet and Jazz lessons today - it just wasn't going to happen. (-:
Here's Malayla running in her heat for the sprint race. She came in fourth. Both girls did such a wonderful effort today with all their sports activities. I was so proud of them for trying so hard. Keana walked away with four ribbons, and Malayla with two, so both girls were happy. They are handing out the last of the ribbons and trophies tomorrow morning at school because it was just too hot today, and we ran out of time.
Here's Keana doing her long jump. Look at the height that she got on her. Not bad for her first attempt. Those long legs are definitely an (unfair)
advantage. (-:
Here's Malayla as she was laning on her long jump attempt. She did a lovely jump but started her jump too soon (she hadn't even reached the white mat before she started her jump). But today was a great learning experience for them - they also did shot put, hurdles, and relays. So at this point, my girls are exhausted and sound asleep. And I'm not far behind them.

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