Monday, 24 August 2009

Hit the Road Jack!!!

For all my neglected followers - I'm back! The scrapbooking retreat is over, and I have returned. I drove down to Gunnedah on Thursday, and spent the night with Jodi Dolbel (whose family was wonderful enough to feed me and share their bathroom with me - thank-you Emelia and Josh!!!). (-: Here's a photo from the end of Jodi's driveway. This is what she gets to look at every day. Isn't it beautiful? It's so quiet and peaceful down there. I'm so envious, that I might just have to pack up and go and join her. Well, at least it gives me something to think about.
Meet my new friend - Pancakes. He's SOOOOOOOO beautiful. I fell in love with him straight away, and if I could have stuffed him in my scrapping bag and brought him home with me, I would have. He spent quite a bit of time enjoying my pats - he was so patient. (-: And did I mention soft and cuddly?
Look at those big brown eyes. How can you resist that? He has a buddy called "black rabbit" but he is not friendly like Pancakes. So I just had to lavish all my affection on poor little Pancakes. Somehow, I don't think he minded one little bit. (-:
For some bizarre reason, my photos have uploaded in the wrong order, and I have no idea of how to swap them around. This photo was taken today, just down the road from my house, at about 5:30pm. This little koala was sound asleep, and absolutely refused to cooperate, and raise her head for a photo. Even begging didn't work. (-: She seems to be in fairly good condition, and I don't think she was injured (although she was down quite low in the tree). I will check the trees in the area tomorrow to see if she is still there or has moved on.
Now, back to Lake Keepit at Gunnedah. These photos are various shots from around the camp grounds. this is the upstairs dining hall (and the place where all the scrapbooking classes were held). So I got to walk up and down those stairs quite a bit. (But I just kept reminding myself it was good exercise). Bahahahaha!!! No, I don't feel gulity one bit for not going to the gym all week, when I have wonderful stairs to help keep me in shape.
Here's a small portion of the lake. It was huge, and beautiful, and quiet, and serene. There were kangaroos hopping around int he evenings, and beautiful native parrots feeding on the lawns. And it was one of the best scrapbooking retreats I have ever been to. It was immaculately clean, freshly painted, and the food was amazing (and endless). The group of ladies were wonderful, and we had some great challenges and prizes. I will definitely go back next year if possible. It was so worth the 1500km round trip that I drove.
Here's the pool, overlooking the lake.
The view looking out at the end of the pool and the hall where we were scrapping.That's it for now. I will upload photos of all my layouts (and some of the classes I took with the wonderful and amazing Jill Geraghty-Groves and Ngaire Bartlam), in the next couple of days.

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  1. Pancakes sends his love to you!!
    Can you email me a copy of those photos i took of you please... i wanna do a layout!! just send them small and i will pick one to send big!! Thanks!!!
    Hope you had a nice time with us! We dont get visitors that often and it was great to have you here!


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