Monday, 22 June 2009

Ramblings of a crazy daughter...

Keana's the crazy one of the family - our comedian. She's a laugh a minute and keeps me smiling. Anyway, I call her to come and brush her teeth, and she wanders out of the garage wearing these glasses - I presume they are Tony's because they are definitely not mine. I admit, she looks very cute in them. (-:

But then she starts rambling on about nothing. It starts with "Yo man! Go and get your car!". Say what???? Where does a 5 year old pick this stuff up? But it gets better - believe me, yes it does! The next line out of her mouth nearly kills me with laughter. "Look mum, I'm wearing a nose bra!!". Your wearing what???? "A nose bra mum, see????" Nope! I am not having this conversation with my 5 year old. Seriously, a nose bra!!!!! Who makes up this stuff? I think I need to speak with her teacher (sigh!).

Did I mention that this 5 year old is extremely bright and is in advanced classes already? So you see my point - she is just too clever for her own good. And her daddy just has no idea of what is about to hit him when he gets back from his latest shift. (-: And I'm not about to warn him - where's the fun in that?


  1. Jules this is way too funny!!!
    And yes, it only gets worse!!!
    Advanced classes is great accademically but how does a parent keep track of these kids and their ability to soak stuff up!! GOod Luck!!!
    Go Jake!!! lol

  2. LOL...It does get worse. I taught 6th and 8th grade science. 12-14 year olds. They know what I knew in highschool. I blame a lot on technology. check out my blog...I showcased YOU and your bling on my blog. LOL


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