Friday, 5 June 2009

The Final of the 7 Deadly Sins...

Since the final deadly sin for the Wicked Princesses challenge is lust - I thought this poster was totally appropriate to share. I am SO IN LOVE! Yes, I will admit it, I am drooling. (-: I can't believe we still have to wait another 5 months until the movie is released. )-: I think this movie might show Jacob in a whole new light. Have you seen the movie trailer yet? Jacob is SO BUFFED it's almost sinful (pun intended). (-: Ok. I'm off to be resucitated...keep dreaming ladies, he's all mine!!! (Ha! Ha! Ha!)

The final challenge for the Wicked Princesses 7 Deadly Sins was LUST. And I just couldn't help myself - it was Edward or nothing! ROFL! The requirements were to use blue and white only, 3 types of chipboard, and the quote (which I have used on my photo).

Here's my card for the final challenge - it had to use blue and white, 2 types of chipboard, and have a love theme. Don't forget to check out all the other amazing layouts and cards in the gallery. And voting commences at 8am Saturday morning and concludes about the same time on Monday morning. Good luck to everyone who has joined in the fun!

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  1. Keep your hands of Jake!! he's mine!!!
    You've always been for Edward and Ive always been for Jake!!!! ROFL!!!
    Isnt he the most gorgeous thing your've ever seen!! OMG! I am inlove!!! Bugga the vampire, give me the dog!!! lol


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