Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Guess what??? I won! I won! I won! Oh my goodness, I am absolutely shocked. I won first place for the Wicked Princesses 7 Deadly Sins competition. But the best news is, I am not alone. My partner in crime, Jodi Dobel, came in second place. (-: I am so happy for her because she has suppoerted me and encouraged me throughout all of this, and she definitely deserves it. Jodi's layouts are just so amazingly pretty, detailed, and feminine. Just gorgeous work! But I can never thank her enough for just being a good friend to me. It means a lot. And Gina came in third place with some amazing layouts, especially her "Only In My Dreams" layout for the final sin - just awesome work! And to finish off, a big, big, big thank-you to all those wonderful people and friends out there who voted for me. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you...


  1. Congrats Jules!! So well deserved, I had to stop by and say it again...your work is just so beautiful :)
    ..and thanks for your kind words, much appreciated! Gina x


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