Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Layouts (and cards) to share...

Back at the start of June, I went to the Scrapbooking Convention at Southbank, and attended four classes taught by Jodi Holbrook from Making Memories. In two of the classes we created mini books (which I am still trying to finish and will upload at a later date), and in the other two classes we created layouts (4 per class). I have managed to finish three of the layouts. Two others are nearly finished (just need journalling), and the others are still not happening. (-: Here are the three completed layouts using Jodi's style of scrapping.
These layouts were a HUGE challenge for me as Jodi's style is so very, very different to mine. Her's is much more casual and easy going, so I had to learn to relax, and just go with the flow. And for those of you who know me well, that is SO NOT ME! I like my things ordered and organised. (Sigh!) I get stressed when I get pushed out of this comfort zone - but this is a good thing - I need to be pushed out more often.
One of the biggest differences between Jodi's style and mine, is the journalling. I don't feel like a page is finished unless I have added some journalling. Jodi rarely journals on her layouts. So I had to compromise and add journalling wherever I could. I think it's called "by-the-seat-of-your-pants" scrapping! (-: (-: (-: Anyway, I proved to myself that I can adjust and cope with this style of scrapping when necessary. Oh yeah - there was one other big difference between Jodi's work and mine - she doesn't use bling, and I use LOTS of it. (-: So I just added bling wherever I felt it was required.
Here's a card I did for Blossie's blog. I might give it to Malayla for her birthday - she turns 7 in four days (4th July). OMG!!!! I can't believe she is over half way to becoming a tenager. OK. Time to take a few deep breaths before I pass out (suck in that air girl!!!). Fine. I admit it. Turning 40 doesn't scare me much, but having m daughter turn 7 is just freaking me out - go figure! (-:
Here's my last Cyber Crop Challenge for Scrap With V. I wanted to do something very different for my last challenge, and I think I have managed that. Here's my layout (above) and my challenge:
So why is this challenge so different? Because your layout has to be about socks. Yes, you heard me correctly – socks. I want a layout that tells a story about any pair (or pairs) of socks that you have (or, in Kylie’s case – don’t have!)
Now, here’s the twist. The layout must meet the following requirements:
1.You must use some shaped paper other than square (round, heart, brackets etc.). It can be a full sheet, or partial sheet.
2.There must be some scallops.
3.I want to see journaling or a title (or part there of) on the photo.
4.I want to see some ledger or lined paper. If you have neither, I will settle for checked or striped paper.
5.I want to see hand made embellishments. In my layout, I have hand made all the leaves.
Oh! I nearly forgot…BLING!!!!! There must be bling on the layout – any amount, it’s up to you. (-:Why not pop over to the gallery and see some of the amazing layouts that have been created for this Cyber Crop. Everyone has had a great time and created so many incredible layouts - the challenges have been a blast! Stay tuned over the next few days - I have lots more layouts to share...

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  1. Lovely layouts Jules, love the card too and I loved your challenge for the Cyber Crop.


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