Monday, 7 October 2013

Old Things New...

 I've been on bit of a kick recently, taking old things, and making them new again. You know, things like frames, bottles, horse shoes...say what??? Yes, a horse shoe. I couldn't help myself - you can find the full story of why I did this horse shoe, and a mini tutorial on creating this horse shoe, on the PaperHaus blog.

Please don't leave any comments telling me the horse shoe is upside down, and all the luck will run out. I am well aware of that myth, and to be honest, I really don't care (like my life hasn't already been cursed enough???). I liked the horse shoe this way, so that is how I decided to keep it when I altered it. If I want more luck in my life, I'll make my own. :-)

I've kept the colours soft and neutral, and added lots and lots of details (including an Imaginarium Designs chipboard clock tucked behind the tulle). 

This piece now hangs proudly in my studio.
 (Even thought it was originally my daughter's horse shoe, she isn't getting it back. Sorry!). 

I've put my order in for more horse shoes, lol! :-)
Thanks for stopping by. I'll have more altered artwork coming soon. 
Cheers, xxx

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  1. Really pretty, love the key and the fairy and the stick pin bling as well.


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