Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Well, That Was Interesting!

I didn't have a normal day yesterday. Not even close. :-) 
Here was the first surprise...

A tiny wild baby rabbit. I was sitting watching a movie (something that I very rarely do but thank goodness I did yesterday, because it probably saved this little one's life). The next thing I know my cat Jellybean runs past the window with something in her mouth. I thought it was a bird, but when I actually caught her, this is what I found. I can say she was NOT happy with my prying it out of her jaws. But bunny is now safe, and a friend of mine is going to keep her for a pet. I was going to release the rabbit back into the wild, but I have no idea where my cat found her/him (I think it is a her). 

And then the second surprise happened. No sooner had I dealt with the rabbit drama, then my neighbour's dog (which is HUGE) broke into my yard and terrorised my cats. Let's just say I was NOT happy. But neither was my baby Loki - this is where I found him hiding. And mind you, these curtains are much higher up than your average curtains. They probably sit at around 2.5-3 metres from the ground. Yes, he was stuck, so I grabbed a chair, climbed up, and rescued him. Poor baby was terrified. :-)

So, how was your day? :-D 

Cheers, xxx


  1. What Drama !!! I do love the picture of that even though it makes me giggly I cant push away the feeling that this is a very scared but clever cat and I feel a wee bit sorry for it. Still priceless picture ♥

  2. Not as exciting as your Jules!! I hope today was better for you!

  3. awe you rescued the baby bunny then rescued your own kitty... what excitement you have ;-) I love your tuxedo kitty, I have two of them myself.

  4. :)
    poor rabbit... I'm happy he/she is safe :)


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