Friday, 29 June 2012

Life Goes By...

Life is passing so quickly, and I haven't shared any family life photos for a while. Time to fix that!
I decided yesterday, that my girls needed to get out of the house. 
So I dragged them down to the local park.
They weren't impressed at first, but they soon forgave me, and got the hang of it, lol!
(Please note - these photos have not yet been edited. You are viewing them straight from the camera).

Swing? What swing? More like trapeze if you ask me. :-)

My babies on the baby slide. Yes, she got stuck. Yes, her sister pushed her off. 

It's the details that amaze me about Adelaide. Little things that make all the difference. In Brisbane, our parks just have boring street lights, nothing sweet and quaint like these beauties. 

And the park. So green, so pretty, even in the middle of winter. I don't know the name of the park, but it is a dog park. So when all the neighborhood dogs arrived at 5pm for their afternoon exercise, my two girls were in heaven!!! They got to pat dogs, throw balls, and generally run around like lunatics. It was fun. Did I mention it was really, really cold? Nope, that didn't stop us.

Kisanji is growing like crazy, and has happily settled into our family. Can you spot the cat amongst all this fur? And she doesn't meow, she mmmrrs. That's the only way I can explain the sound she makes. The girls and hubby have nicknamed her "Raccoon". :-) 

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