Monday, 13 December 2010

She Said What???

While driving to the shops this morning, I had the car behind me way too close. I said something about this out loud and called the driver a few rude things. Then things get funny, and the conversation goes like this:
Keana: "It's because it's got a P on it".
Me: "Well, that explains things".
After a small pause, Keana: "What does it mean when they have an L on the car?"
Me: "L means they are a Learner driver - they are just starting to learn to drive".
Keana: "You mean, they are lunatics???"
This was followed by me roaring with laughter while trying to drive. And for the next ten minutes, every time I thought about what she had said, I started giggling again. Oh my goodness, didn't she hit the nail on the head with that comment!!! (-:

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