Sunday, 12 December 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

So, how much rain is too much rain? Most of the east coast of Australia has been drenched, and is flooded in many areas. Our crops have been ruined, and it is going to be tough for the farmer's. First it was drought, now it is floods. I think we are in for a very wet Christmas and Summer. Because of all the rain, there has been lots of this happening - Keana in bed playing Nintendo, and Pandora looking out the window, while keeping Keana company. Cute, heh???

Yesterday, we had the Swimming School Christmas break-up party. It was hot, and humid, but Santa still came along. Each child received a book. There were lollies to eat, face-painting, puppet shows, arts and craft activities, a jumping castle, and of course swimming. That was until the storm arrived two hours into the party. Not that it stopped the children from swimming. After the storm had settled, and the lightning was gone, they all hoped back in the water and kept swimming, while it rained. And they absolutely loved it! (-:

We spent about 3 hours there, which was enough to wear my two out. They slept well last night. And so did I! (-: Today was a quiet day. We cleaned out Malayla's room to make space for any Christmas gifts she might receive, then I took my girls to Toyworld as they had saved some money and wanted to buy a remote control helicoptor (I agreed because I think there might be some good photo opportunities with the helicoptor and the cat, lol!!!). We also visited a friend who recently had a little baby girl (Keira). It was a nice, quiet, laid back day - the kind that I LOVE!!! Hopefully tomorrow, I will get to do some scrapping and holiday crafts (if I am lucky!!!).

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