Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Changes To The Plans...

One of my goals, before the end of the year got here, was to start back with my gym routine. And I have - kind of... I started back with Step and Pump classes, a little weight training, and some time on the treadmill. All good over the past couple of weeks. Until yesterday!!! I fell and twisted my ankle and skinned my toes on my left foot. In our driveway. (-: While trying to take the groceries inside, lol!!!. Damn!!! It is now swollen to twice it's usual size, and starting to turn balck and blue. Can you say "really pissed off with myself???" Unbelievably stupid thing to do. So now I will have to take more time off from the gym while it heals...

But there are also other changes to my plans. Good ones. Hubby will actually be home for three weeks over Christmas and the New Year. How happy am I? And our girls??? (-: And finally, we will get to start painting the house. YAY!!! So if you know of any sites with great inpiration and colours for painting a house, please point me in the right direction. It would be greatly appreciated. (-: I know Keana wants purple and yellow, and Malayla wants aqua and pink...this should be fun. Lol! But I have no idea what colours I want to use in my scraproom, and the rest of the house. Oh, so many choices... so what's your favourites colours? Care to share???

I've got new toys to play with - Spellbinder's dies. I will share something with you once I've got it mastered. Talking about sharing, in the new year I hope to do a few video tutorials for you, since my darling hubby purchased me a new web cam. If you have any particular techniques you would like to see, leave me a message and let me know. (-: I'm happy to accomodate to the best of my abilities.

And I know I promised a Blog Candy RAK before Christmas. I haven't forgotten. I will get something up on my blog soon... if I can get a few minutes to myself!!! (-:
And Keana has been saying funny things again. As we reversed out of the driveway this morning, I muttered something about our lawn mowing man needing to get his act together and get our lawns mowed - it looks like a jungle full of dandelions. And yes, I mean a jungle!!! As we drive off, Malayla looks at our yard and says, "it looks like wheat". Keana, not being able to help herself, pipes up and says "we will be selling Uncle Toby's Oats soon...". Of course, I crack up laughing, and the girls aren't quite sure why it was so funny. But to have your yard described as a field of wheat and oats is just too hysterical. If only...(-:

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