Sunday, 5 December 2010

Let The Holidays Begin...

School's over for my two. This is Mrs Peall. She is adored by all her students (and the parents). Keana loves her to bits and will definitely miss her next year. But I will make it up to her by joining Mrs Peall at the movies during the school holidays. How many students do you know that actually want to be seen at the movies with their teacher??? We are going to go and see Tangled.
Here's Malayla with Mr Lay. My poor little girl cried when she had to say goodbye. She loves Mr Lay so much. We are hoping that she will be in his class next year as he is teaching 3/4 combined. He has been such a good influence on her. I think her heart will break if she isn't in his class. But we won't find out until the 20th January. )-:
Malayla's friend Alex stayed over Friday night. So I relaxed a little and let the girls have Taco's for dinner, followed by Caramel and Chocolate popcorn, and ice-cream. They ate that while they watched Eclipse. (-: My girl's - the vampire lovers!!! I gave them pillows, blankets and sleeping bags, and let the three of them sleep in the loungeroom for the night. Malayla slept on the lounge, and Alex and Keana made a bed on the floor. They fell asleep around 10:30pm and Keana and Alex were up again at 5:00am. Yes, you read that right - 5:00am!!! By 5:45am they were outside on the trampoline. I felt sorry for my neighbours (no, not really!!!). (-: By 7:00am Malayla had woken and joined them. By midday, I was ready to tear my hair out. At 1:00pm I had my friend Janice drop in , with her two - Joshua (8) and Kaiya (4). At that point I was totally over the school holidays, lol!!! But surprisingly, the kids all played very well together. So Janice and I talked life and scrapping while the kids played.
Keana was in bed by 6:30pm last night - absolutely exhausted. I had Malayla in bed by 7:15pm. Finally, some peace and quiet. So I scrapped. I'm finishing off a Zva Creative project using Webster's Pages. I hope to upload later today or tomorrow. We're having a quiet day home today - I need time to scrap and recover. (-:

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  1. that is so sweet,that your girls loved their teachers so much. My son has school till May. Have a great Christmas.


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