Sunday, 21 April 2013

One Day At A Time...

There are so many personal things going on in my life at the moment that need my attention. As a result, my poor blog has suffered, and has been neglected. Hopefully, over the next few weeks things might return to normal (fingers crossed!!!)

In case you didn't hear the news, I am now on the Purple Pumpkin design team. I can't wait to start sharing my PP creations with you. This is going to be so much fun. And don't forget there is a monthly sketch competition that you can join in, even if you don't have Purple Pumpkin products. 

After 3 months, we have finished unpacking and have settled into our home. In case I haven't mentioned it before, I am TOTALLY in love with Mount Barker, and cannot see me leaving here, EVER!!! I think I have finally found the place that I will call home for the rest of my life.

Here's the view from my back yard. Yes, it is cold and windy here, but I love every second of it. I'm not sure that the rest of my family feels the same way, but I guess they'll get used to it eventually. There is nothing I love more than finally being able to wear jeans, boots, hats, and jackets, after years of sweating in Queensland.

It is currently school holidays here in South Australia. I've survived one week, and still have one more week to go. Wish me luck, lol! 

Tomorrow we are going shopping for winter school uniforms - nothing like leaving it to the last minute...sigh... I have tried several times over the past few weeks to get this chore done and out of the way, but life has had other plans.

My eight furry babies are doing well. And are growing. Big. And bigger.

Loki, our most recent addition, is growing so very fast. He is a beautiful, smoochy, loving boy. 

Wicca and Spook. A beautiful pair of sisters that I cannot imagine life without. They are two of the most loving, placid cats I have ever owned.

I have another cat that will be joining us soon. I am taking in Midnight, the cat that has lived with my mother for the past 10 years or so, but which once belonged to me. My mum has terminal cancer, and time is very limited. I expect her fight will soon be over, and the pain will end. It's been so hard watching her fight this battle over the last couple of years, only to lose in the end. Life is just so unfair.

Over the next 2-4 weeks I have lots and lots of scrapping projects that I will share with you, and even some new exciting scrappy news. But I have to wait till until the projects (and news) has been shared on the respective blogs/sites. But I can share that Scrapbooking Memories has just picked up two of my layouts - it's been ages since I've submitted anything, so this will be exciting.

It is extremely cold, wet and windy here, as I am typing this, and all the cats are sleeping on my bed. They have absolutely NO interest in going outside today, lol! Yeah, I don't think I do either. But at least I can go and play in my scrap studio. :-)

Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!!!

Cheers and hugs, x


  1. looks very pretty where ur at. change can be good and much needed sometimes. I too am going through alot,can't tell u when I last scrapbooked something. Hope u will be richly blessed in ur new home.

  2. Wow Jules EIGHT cats - I do love 'em too but have only 3. Kids are dying for more. So sorry about your mum & didn't realise you had also had to move again. Looks gorgeous. You have been busy behind the scenes so much as I well know. Congrats on your PP DT and your other exciting news still to be announced :))))))

  3. ((( hugs)))) coming your way. I lost my Mother last year so I can identify. Your pussies are so cute and comforting I'm sure.


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