Friday, 9 November 2012

Not All Fluff And Sweetness...

For some of my readers and followers, the following may be disturbing. For that, I am truly sorry. But people need to know and understand that animal rescue isn't all fluff and sweetness. It is sad, heart-breaking, and at times horrifying. What humanity can do to a defenceless animal is truly terrifying and stomach-turning. I work for a Cat Rescue and Foster Society in Adelaide (Flick's). I'm going to share what two carers had to endure last night. But it pales in comparison to what this cat must have had to endure during it's lifetime. Pierre was a stray rescued from a feral cat colony late last night. 

"I'm about to cry or throw up or both. Tonight I received what is easily my worst rescue. I didn't look better until now and I'm horrified. This cat is covered in wounds and fly blown - yes he has maggots on him. He is purring and smooching me... It's more horrible than words. They are everywhere and inside him. We were pulling them out of his leg...inside of it. After they shaved him we could see the extent. They were all inside him. He was in a horrible state, words honestly can't describe it" . Felicity.

"It' was easily the worst thing I've seen in my life....they were deep inside him, his tail was fat with them...through is back, and through his leg. It was just horrific. I hope we never ever see another kitty in that condition again". Sofie.

In the end, the veterinary staff decided Pierre was too weak, and too far gone, to endure and recover from surgery. Pierre was put to sleep. :-( At least now, his agony has ended. 

So the next time that you complain that I am late sending out an order, please consider why. This is what I do. And it is not easy. It is heart-breaking and tiring. But it is most rewarding when you see a fostered kitty finally accept love, and go to his furever home. That is what we aim for. 


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  1. Oh how terrible sad!!! Being an animal lover and having my own shelter dogs, I can just imagine the heartaches you must it saddens me to imagine poor Pierre purring even in the state he was in...thank you for all you are doing for the speechless ones...God bless in the New Year <3


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