Saturday, 21 February 2009

A Late Valentine's Surprise...

My DH and I don't usually celebrate Valentine's Day, but this year he decided to surprise me. Admittedly, this bouquet of a dozen roses didn't turn up until two days after Valentine's, but it wasn't entirely his fault. Being stuck out in the middle of the South Australian desert, with internet access that wasn't working, made it a little difficult to get these flowers ordered. There's no mobile phone access out there either.

So it was a nice surprise to come home after picking up the girls to find these waiting on our doorstep (I think DH was feeling particularly guilty because he totally forgot to get me anything for Christmas) (-: But that's another story and we won't go there...

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  1. Jules, how lucky are you!!!! I bet that made you feel so loved!!
    Flowers at any time are year are so beautiful!!!


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