Friday, 6 February 2009

18 months...

It's amazing how much can change in 18 months. When I started at the gym in July 2007, I weighed in at 133.5kgs. Yes, I am actually putting it in print so that I have to face reality! I now weigh in at under 120kgs (and still dropping). I have sustained more injuries and illnesses in the past 18 months, than is fair. For every step forward I took with my weight loss, an injury or illness would put me back 2 steps. But I persevered (even when I really, really, really wanted to quit!!!).

But today was the best! I started running back in October 2008. I couldn't even run 50 metres without stopping and huffing and puffing for breath. It nearly killed me. I hated it and didn't believe I could ever, ever be a runner. Things change. Today I ran 1 kilometre without stopping (it took me about 7 minutes on the treadmill). And I still (maybe) had enough in me to go another 250-500 metres if I had really been pushed. But that will be next week's trial.

So now I know, if I can run 1 kilometre without stopping, then 2 kilometres isn't impossible either. I will let you know how I go...

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  1. Good on you Jules for your weight loss and your comitment.
    It so is two steps forward and one step back isnt it!!
    Im struggling to gtet under the 100 mark at the moment!! I hate myslef for allowing it to get back over it!!!!
    Keep up the good work!


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