Friday, 23 January 2009

Okay. I'm a bad, bad, bad girl. I went to bed about midnight last night, fairly usual for me. But I took the second book (New Moon) from the Twilight series with me. I thought I might read a few pages before I fell asleep. Well, I finished the book at 5am this morning. (-:

Seriously, I cannot put a good book down once I start reading it. So tonight, NO BOOKS!!! I have to teach classes at Blossie's tomorrow, and I need my wits about me. Maybe I should just wait until Tony goes back to work (Monday morning) and the kids start school (Wednesday morning). Because I know once I start reading the last two books, nothing is going to get done.

Early night for me tonight. Will let you know how the classes go tomorrow.

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  1. Oh Jules so funny!!!
    So, are you running with the wolf pack, or are your still and Edward fan???


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