Wednesday, 21 January 2009

I've started back at Karate after nearly two year's abscence. But this time I've made my husband and daughters join me - so now it is a family affair. And they love it! And I already feel a deeper sense of peace and relief in myself - it was like going home after being away such a very long time. And it made me happy (well, at least until I actually started training and remembered just how hard and demanding it can be!) (-:

Today was a quiet day for me as Tony took the girls fishing. And they all came home dirty and smelling like fish. Uggh!!! At least this time Keana didn't fall in the river.

I'm trying to scrap but have come to a halt. Maybe tomorrow?


  1. Hey Julianne...didn't think you would ever do this. Good on you! By the way, what's Tony doing home again so soon?
    Love the colours on your blog!

  2. Good on you Jules! I have always wanted to give karate a go, but have never lived anywhere where it is available.


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